Who Am I?


James Gideon Sarantinos. I’m a film and TV writer, blogger, script consultant, actor, marketer, meditator, spiritualist and master chef (possibly). I’ve been working with writers in Hollywood since 2009 and developed a strong sense of story analysis and what audiences and producers want.

I’ve been writing my screenwriting blog Gideon’s Way since 2009 and built a solid following of screenwriters (over 700,000 and rising) wanting to improve their craft and understanding of the fickle screenwriting business. It is more fickle than ever, but can still be navigated with quality unique material.

Audiences must still be entertained and all material is not created equal. You can rise above the clutter of mediocre screenplays.

I am a reader for the Gateway LA Writers (film and TV) Program for Australians In Film and have also read for a number of high profile screenwriting contests. I’ve had an action script optioned by a major production company. But still, the struggle continues.

I also ran the Hollywood Outreach Program (feature script evaluation service) at the Scriptwriters Network from 2010 to 2014. I trained and mentored my script readers to deliver a high quality, constructive critique service that writers would really appreciate. I set up studio meetings for our top writers to give them the opportunity to pitch themselves and their projects to studio executives always on the lookout for strong stories.

I was Vice-President of the Scriptwriters Network from 2013 to 2014 and constantly connected with many industry insiders to advise me on the status of the industry. I help to establish their High Concept Screenplay Competition in 2009.

My inspiration for story comes from real life, anthropology, mythology, sociology, psychology and religion.


If not now, when? I’ve evaluated scripts and story for my private clients in the past on an ad hoc basis. My blog followers want me to expand my services to them. So here we go. You asked. I delivered. Enjoy your writing journey with me.


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